QW series submersible sewage pump

QW series submersible sewage pump
General Introduction:

QW series submersible sewage pump are developed for sewage water delivery based on the advanced technique from abroad and domestic, adopted the best hydraulic model. It is not only have the advantages of high efficiency, circumvolution proof, lockage free, durable, longer service time, but also have the advantages of automatically coupling, automatically control, convenience for installation and move. Especially they are suitable for pumping liquid with solid, sewage, long fibre. QW

sewage submersible sewage pump is widely used in municipal engineering, industry, hospital, hotel, building, restaurant for pumping sludge and sewage water.

  • Working Principle
  • Performance Parameter

Operation condition

1.Power source: 380V/50Hz, 460V/60Hz, 3 Phase

2.Temperature of medium under 40℃

3.PH value: 4~10

4.Volume ratio of solid in medium below 4%.

5.Density of medium should be lower than 1.2×10 3 kg/m3。

6.The standard QW pump is not allowed for flammable and explosive environment, and it is not suitable for flammable or corrosive medium.

If the application is out of above operation condition, we can supply by

special design following the order.

Type of meaning

Structure characteristics

QW series submersible sewage pump is vertical bottom suction type pump, it contain motor, pump and seal system, the pump was driven by the motor through the community shaft. The pump is compact and with status indicators and protection device for pump safe and reliable operating.