ZJB series slurry pumps
General Introduction:

Jointly developed by Shandong yanshan pump Co.,Ltd.,theZJB series slurry pumps are highly efficient,single-stage and single-suction centrifugal pumps.The outlet diameters of 350mm、300mm、250mm、200mm、150mm、100mm、80mm、65mm、50mm、40mm,etc.

The pumps are innovative in both hydraulic and structural design. The wet parts are made from selfdeveloped high-chrome-content alloy cast iron with high abrasive. Apart from save of energy,they also offer the special features of being high in efficiency,long in service life,light in weight,rational in design,reliable in operation,low in vivration and easy in maintenance with an overall performance far superior to their domestic counterparts.The ZJB series slurry pumps are suitable for handing abrasive and corrosive sdid-particles slurries with maximum concentrations of wt.45% (ash) and wt.60% (ore).The pumps can be operated in series, depending on the requirement of users. They are widely used in power, metallurgical, mining, coal and buliding , materials sectors. The ZJB series slurry pumps have been appraised into the Ministry-Class new products and the Province-Class energy-saving products. The ZJB pumps lead their domestic counter-parts in various technical performance, with most of them approaching the advanced world level in efficiency.

ZJC series slurry is with special structure developed by our company. It is special designed single stage slurry pump base on the requirement of pressure filter in Coal preparation process. The pump capacity will be lower and the pressure will be highter during press filter working. The pump gland packing not allowed inject sealing clean water according to the process requirement. Surry will be leakage from the seal gland(expeller dynamic seal also no usage). It will cause Environmental pollution, destroy the glad packing, increase pump maintain work, decrease the pump service life. The main advantage of the pump is no slurry leakage without seal water. This series pump also can be used where inlet pressure not more than 0.1 MPa and without sealing water. It’s performance data and installation dimension are same to ZJB slurry pump.

  • Working Principle
  • Performance Parameter