IS series single-stage centrifugal pump

IS series single-stage centrifugal pump
General Introduction:

This series of products includes all 40 models of ISO2858, and 267 performances can be obtained through cutting impeller and variable speed, which can meet the water supply needs of all trades and industries. Strict compliance with ISO2858 means a reasonable characteristic curve. The difference between the IS single-stage pump and other units produced by yan shan brand IS the working pressure of 1.6MPa, and the static pressure test of the pump body pump IS 2.4mpa.

This series pump is a single-stage single suction cantilever centrifugal pump for the use of water and the physical and chemical properties similar to the liquid without solid particles. Pump type IS medium temperature IS suitable for below 80 ℃; ISR type pump is suitable for conveying under 130 ℃ hot water; ISY pumps are used to transport gasoline, diesel and other light oil.

  • Working Principle
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